Thank You

After several delightful years as a fetish companion, I’m closing this chapter. It’s time to give my other ventures the time and focus I’ve been splitting for far too long.

At this time, I have no immediate plans to return to doing this work. Though I know that I may miss it dearly at some future point, any future return is likely to reflect the person I am at that time and the life I’ve lived in the interim. Rather than hold out for a return that may be far away I invite you to connect with me in my current ventures, or to get in touch via email and ask me to introduce you to a couple of my friends and colleagues that you might get on particularly well with.

It’s been a fantastic adventure and I have no regrets. Thank you for sharing it with me. I will take the memories of our time together, as I hope you will, and cherish them for a long time.



For those of you who have been following my other work via social media, I invite you to connect with me on Twitter (@SabrinaMorgan) or FetLife.

If you might not be as familiar with my other work: I’ve been a public speaker since 2009 on sex workers’ rights, human trafficking, and other issues at the intersection of sexuality and liberty, as well as a sex educator and dating and relationship coach. It’s been tremendously rewarding and I’m excited to have more time to devote to my coaching practice. I will continue to be available for kink facilitation work and instructional sessions, both for individuals and couples.

If that’s the next step on your journey I would be delighted to continue in that spirit, and you’re welcome to email me here for facilitation and/or coaching:

I wish you every bliss.

A shiny patent peep-toe high heeled shoe dangles from an arched, stocking-clad foot.